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Project Description
Makes it easy to implement the OpenSearch 1.1 specification for .NET web applications.

  • Supports Firefox & IE7's search provider infrastructure
  • Implemented as a lightweight HttpHandler, easy to integrate into existing sites
  • Supports autodiscovery and search feeds
  • Supports the Suggestions extension for google-suggest-style integration in the Firefox search bar
  • Can be deployed on Mono XSP if necessary

  • Get the source, and build the solution (no release yet)
  • Add a reference to the CodePlex.OpenSearch.dll assembly
  • Implement the base SearchHandler class and provide your site-specific custom search and suggestion logic
  • Add your new custom handler to web config

See the CodePlex.OpenSearch.Example project inside the source solution for the nuts and bolts of how to do this.

OpenSearch 1.1 spec:

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